Ms Monica Haag Gunnars is the new Principal at Nordic International School Essingen

Nordic International School opens on Stora Essingen in August with the experienced Ms Monica Haag Gunnars as the new Principal.

Today, Monica Haag Gunnars is the Principal at Grimstaskolan and Nordanskolan in Upplands Väsby.

She started her career as a school counsellor and has since had various roles within the educational field, such as quality manager, head of education and principal to name some. She has experience working with the labour market as well.

The concept, clarity, and the people she met during the recruiting process made her accept the role at Nordic.

– Everyone radiates commitment and focus on knowledge progression, and that make me feel like I belong here. Also, the international profile intrigues me a lot. I believe that many schools fail to realise that today’s students are citizens of the world in a way my generation wasn’t. Nordic prepares the students for a future with the world at hand, which is right and needed in 2022.

How does a school become successful?

Clarity of rules and consequences contributes to a successful school, Ms Haag Gunnar believes.

– If everyone is aware of the rules, you can make more time for the central part of a school, the education.

Additionally, Ms Haag Gunnars enamoured how Nordic perceives their students, that there are no bad students – only bad schools.

– The students choose the school and not the other way around and we are meant to be a school for everyone, it’s very important to me, says Ms Haag Gunnars.

Ms Monica Haag Gunnars describes herself as a visible and present leader.

– I trust people till they prove me wrong. I’d say I’m kind and have a big heart. But if someone acts without having the best intention for the students, I will become tough. My colleagues also see me as being clear and that they never have to guess what I want.

To be a part of opening a new school

Before, Ms Haag Gunnars has been a part of creating various units within the field for adult education, but this will be her first time to be a part of opening a new school.

– To playing a part from the very start and to make a mark at a school, feeling the security to do it within an existing concept an with a head that has experience of opening new schools – that feels amazing and unique to be a part of as a principal!

Ms Monica Haag Gunnars has a bachelor’s degree in behavioural science, a Master of Educational Management and completed the principal training programme.


Name: Ms Monica Haag Gunnars
Title: New Principal at Nordic International School Essingen
Why work at Nordic International School: I like the Nordic International Schools concept with a focus on knowledge development and the international profile. I also believe that the clarity that Nordic has with rules of procedure and consequences, contributes to a successful school.